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embellishment / приукрашивание, украшение, украшательство
имя существительное
embellishment, prettification, embroidery
decoration, ornament, adornment, dressing, ornamentation, embellishment
имя существительное
a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.
architectural embellishments
the embellishment of church interiors through the use of the visual arts
Simón's masterpiece, the Capilla del Condestable at the east end of the cathedral, is characterized by his affection for sculptural embellishment .
Programmes of building and sculptural embellishment of major churches, for example at Exeter, Lichfield and Winchester cathedrals, were halted by the outbreak of plague.
Scrapbooking takes the elements of design, photography, typography, and embellishment and puts it into the realm of personal expression.
If you have access to an embroidery machine, add an additional embellishment by embroidering a motif over the decorative or straight smocking stitches.
It was always a great laugh listening to all the young single men on a Monday morning bragging about their weekend exploits with the usual embellishment on one or two stories!
Municipal pride, manifested by artistic embellishment without utilitarian purpose, shone out from them.
Now I'm looking forward to a whole new world of metal embellishment for my art.
Therefore, to church members the Book of Mormon is not fiction, not pseudepigrapha, not literary embellishment , not a parable or an allegory, but a book about real people who lived in ancient times.
The first such question was asked by UFO researcher Philip J. Klass in 1967, who was checking an embellishment of the MacDougall story as told in a UFO book.