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embellish / приукрашивать, украшать, приукрашать
embellish, gloss over, sugar-coat, embroider, flatter, smarten
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, embellish
embellish, dress up
make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.
blue silk embellished with golden embroidery
Its proponents freely adapted decorative elements of ecclesiastical buildings and interiors for use in domestic structures and to embellish all kinds of decorative arts objects.
My hope is that by making this public here, he will perhaps be dissuaded from continuing to embellish this story with false statements.
Ornate decorations and artistic gilt work embellish the statues, which are embedded with precious stones.
The students were encouraged to embellish the eyes or tail with additional items, but otherwise they were to use only one box to create their cows.
In Taylor House, where all sides concede that appellants will exaggerate, embellish and tell outright lies, his story is pretty tame.
He was a gifted conversationalist and had many fine stories and yarns which he could embellish with style.
followers often embellish stories about their heroes
In a survey 92 per cent of respondents admitted they had felt a need to embellish a story when in a social setting.
Glass decorated with narrative scenes and with devices appropriated from the classical past were some of the Western decorative motifs used to embellish glass objects.
A good journalist knows where to draw the line, to gather the facts of the story they are working on and not to embellish it with irrelevant details.