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embattled / приведенный в боевую готовность
имя прилагательное
приведенный в боевую готовность
имя прилагательное
(of a place or people) involved in or prepared for war, especially because surrounded by enemy forces.
the embattled Yugoslavian republics
divided or edged by a line of square notches like battlements in outline.
set (an army) in battle array.
it was three o'clock before the king's army was embattled
Ahead, the three network anchors make a joint appearance, with Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings offering support to an embattled Dan Rather.
A tenuous peace deal between the American occupation forces and the embattled city of Falluja got off to a slow and sometimes chaotic start on Tuesday.
Just as they did during the first siege of Falluja seven months ago, residents of the Iraqi town of Karma, most of whom have tribal ties with the embattled city, have rallied to the defence of their kinsmen.
John Swinney, the embattled leader of the SNP, was last night facing a new crisis of credibility after two of his own MSPs suggested he should step aside because of his failure to make the party relevant to ordinary voters.
Allies of Charles Kennedy last night rallied around their embattled leader as he pondered whether to sue over new claims his drinking has affected his performance in the job.
She quit her government job after her boss criticized her embattled dad, and now she speaks out in his defense for the first time.
The disclosure will prove embarrassing to Jack McConnell, the first minister, who resisted calls to withdraw his invitation to the embattled president amid a series of corruption allegations.
No wonder the embattled president felt able to declare icily that in the future: ‘I shall be a little more prudent, particularly in the choice of those people who work directly with me.’
As it approached the hangar, the sound system played the grandiose theme tune to Air Force One, a thriller starring Harrison Ford as a tough, embattled president.
Rebellion after rebellion had to be put down and the embattled dynasty was forced to rely increasingly on Chinese militia as the standard of the purely Manchu units had declined dramatically.