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embassy / посольство, посланцы, депутация
имя существительное
deputation, delegation, embassy
имя существительное
the official residence or offices of an ambassador.
the Chilean embassy in Moscow
a deputation or mission sent by one ruler or state to another.
The Greeks send an embassy to Achilles requesting his return to battle in exchange for treasure and an unharmed Briseis.
What would the member expect the embassy to say?
They even sent an embassy to England's ally, the Duke of Burgundy, and implored him to protect them.
the Chilean embassy in Moscow
To improve this position, the embassy was working hard to identify and remove obstacles to trade and investment.
The American embassy restricted its staff to the diplomatic quarters of their cities for all but essential duties.
But officials from the embassy in Kenya were to meet and did meet today with Kenyan officials and the Israeli investigators.
A suspicious letter posted in France and containing white powder was received at the US embassy , officials said.
The embassy didn't even send somebody to the funeral.
the Chilean embassy in Moscow
Italian officials believe the embassy could have been the target for a terrorist plot on Sunday.