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embarrassment / смущение, затруднение, замешательство
имя существительное
embarrassment, confusion, bewilderment, discomfiture, perplexity, perturbation
difficulty, embarrassment, trouble, crux, quandary, puzzle
confusion, embarrassment, bewilderment, disarray, puzzlement, discomfiture
имя существительное
a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.
I turned red with embarrassment
her extreme views might be an embarrassment to the movement
He cannot say he was unprepared for York council's financial embarrassment .
I wondered how much of this self-conscious embarrassment was induced by a few days in the surroundings of Oxford.
I turned red with embarrassment
his temporary financial embarrassment
As the addiction can be accompanied by feelings of shame and embarrassment , sufferers often find it difficult to seek help.
Horror, shock, embarrassment , confusion and sadness all swept across at the same time.
This to me sounds like some gay people feel shame or embarrassment in having a partner of the same sex.
Boys, to Nina's shame and embarrassment , were a constant preoccupation.
Feelings of expectation, embarrassment , distress and emotional harm vary according to the individual.