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embarrassed / смущенный, растерянный, стесненный
имя прилагательное
embarrassed, confused, bewildered, disconcerted, abashed, flummoxed
embarrassed, mixed-up
cramped, constrained, uneasy, straitened, embarrassed, pinched
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing embarrassment.
he became embarrassed at his own effusiveness
cause (someone) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed.
she wouldn't embarrass either of them by making a scene
Are they going to maintain an embarrassed silence?
if that happened to me I'd be embarrassed
she's embarrassed by her brother
Handel himself was not financially embarrassed , nor did his reputation suffer.
There were very severe financial problems during that period and she became embarrassed that she could not afford to pay for school dinners and trips.
It was used only by his closest friends who knew that whenever he was embarrassed or nervous, he would blush deeply and get a red nose.
The Ministry of Transportation suspended my license and I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.
Alex was no prude, but he became acutely embarrassed by the situation.
The majority of victims are embarrassed , even ashamed.
He was embarrassed to be here, and ashamed of his greed, he just hid it better than me.