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embark / начинать, грузить, садиться на корабль
start off, start, begin, commence, initiate, embark
load, freight, bunker, embark, lade
садиться на корабль
embark, ship
go on board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
he embarked for India in 1817
The host mother ship is notified and called to a port to embark the eleven-strong rescue team of specialist divers and technical officers together with the rescue submersible and its associated equipment.
At the start of the deployment, HMS Invincible will embark both FA2 Sea Harrier fighters and RAF Ground attack aircraft as well as her Sea King helicopters.
But the Pacific purpose for which they were created involves the capacity to embark an army battalion, to operate three helicopters from the flight deck and carry four other helicopters.
As soon as the ship started to float again we re-embarked and with night starting to fall we moored alongside a ship ready to embark lorries to be landed in the early hours of the next day.
The couple's claim was that the liner should have taken ‘all reasonable steps to embark passengers reasonably late returning.’
Just at the moment Spartacus expects to embark his army and followers aboard the Silesian ships, news of betrayal and of Roman armies converging on his position causes Spartacus to radically revise his plans.
Those embarking on the course are expected to work very hard from wake-up to sleep-time.
At least my embarkment onto the dancefloor prompted everyone else in the club to join - I guess they figured they'd HAVE to look cooler than me.
The Lodge Act enlistees were slowly gathering, and in November, when our number reached 50, we embarked for the U.S. by ship.
It is a necessary reminder: when The Iliad opens, Troy and Greece have already been at war for ten years; mere youths when some of the best fighters first embarked for Troy, they have come of age on blade and blood.