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embargo / эмбарго, запрет, запрещение
имя существительное
ban, prohibition, taboo, embargo, interdict, forbiddance
prohibition, ban, inhibition, interdiction, taboo, embargo
накладывать эмбарго
накладывать запрет
requisition, commandeer, confiscate, impress, embargo, bring into requisition
имя существительное
an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country.
an embargo on grain sales
impose an official ban on (trade or a country or commodity).
the country has been virtually embargoed by most of the noncommunist world
seize (a ship or goods) for state service.
The French coast was now blockaded, and to compound the chaos, in August the Convention banned the export of all goods of first necessity and embargoed all neutral ships.
The sanctions would clamp an international embargo on Sudan's oil imports, and ban weapons sales.
an embargo laid by our Emperor upon all vessels whatsoever
The Arab states, which in 1973 imposed an embargo on oil shipments to the US, have not indicated any intention of repeating that action so far.
On the initiative of the United States, a severe embargo on trade with China was accepted by the Western democracies.
You gloss over the fact that the AP - no matter how they obtained the material - violated their agreement with S&S to embargo the story until the date of publication.
Since the 1973 OPEC oil embargo , U.S. Presidents and congressional leaders have unrelentingly promoted energy independence.
The EU, under intense pressure from the US to maintain its arms trade embargo on China, told Beijing on Sunday not to expect an end to the ban before the middle of this year.
He lifted the trade embargo on Vietnam and pledged to work towards the creation of a trans-Pacific free-trade zone.
to lift the embargo off sth
an arms embargo