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embankment / набережная, насыпь, дамба
имя существительное
embankment, quay, seafront, front, levee, bund
mound, embankment, bank, fill, terrace, banquette
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, embankment
имя существительное
a wall or bank of earth or stone built to prevent a river flooding an area.
There are 140,000 addresses in Hull relying on walls and embankments to prevent flooding every day of the year.
Once the vehicle's momentum had carried it towards the embankment alongside the railway tracks there would have been no way it could have been halted in time.
a railway embankment
Boggy bits slowed us for the first half mile, then we hit the pastures down by the river, connected with the embankment of the disused railway line and picked up speed.
An engineered embankment and access roads stretch its footprint to 1,100 acres.
It slid off the road and down an embankment on to the East Coast main line.
Chaos hit the M60 around Manchester today after a tanker careered off a slip road and down an embankment , killing the driver.
Firstly, it is evident that considerable improvements have been carried out along the railway embankment .
Police said a Land Rover that had careered down an embankment onto the railway line had set off the accident.
He told the council last Tuesday that speed restrictions have already been put on trains as they go over the embankment close the village railway station.
Another man was killed this time last year when the truck he was driving veered off the road and down the railway embankment on to the tracks.