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embalm / бальзамировать, наполнять благоуханием, сохранять от забвения
embalm, balm
наполнять благоуханием
embalm, sweeten
сохранять от забвения
preserve (a corpse) from decay, originally with spices and now usually by arterial injection of a preservative.
the Egyptian method of embalming
give a pleasant fragrance to.
the sweetness of the linden trees embalmed all the air
Then embalm the ‘peace process’ indefinitely.
Otherwise, funeral parlors embalm and show the body.
But by the time they came to embalm the nation thirty years later, each eliminated virtually any reference to its external record from their retrospections.
While talking about dead bodies, you should also note that twice as much formaldehyde was needed to embalm a person 20 years ago compared to today.
The Longhua Funeral Home has set up a department especially for foreigners, which helps to embalm and pack the corpses and deal with the procedures required to transport them from the country.
Blair's answer should be embalmed in the Labour party constitution, perhaps as a better substitute for the old clause four.
He said it had been difficult because the body had been embalmed .
The body of Hephaestion was embalmed and carried on to Babylon to be burned on a funeral pyre in a funeral on which he planned to spend astronomical sums.
However, this part of the team believes it also possible, although less likely, that this fracture was caused by the embalmers .
No proper post-mortem was carried out on Mrs Gregory because her body was released and embalmed prematurely.