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emasculate / кастрировать, выхолащивать, обеднять
castrate, emasculate, geld, cut, unman, unsex
dilute, emasculate, castrate, eviscerate, render innocuous
impoverish, emasculate
имя прилагательное
castrated, emasculated, neuter, gelded, emasculate, gelt
emasculated, emasculate
castrated, emasculate, emasculated
make (a person, idea, or piece of legislation) weaker or less effective.
our winner-take-all elections emasculate fringe parties
As Montrose and others develop, to entirely suppress their power or emasculate them would prevent her from having effective use of that power.
Lord Templeman pointed out that this interpretation would not give effect to the manifest intention of the Act but would emasculate it.
Byrd's fear is that such an action would deny Democrats any say in the selection of federal judges in much the same way the Enabling Act empowered Hitler's Nazi Party to emasculate its opponents in Germany's legislature.
our winner-take-all elections emasculate fringe parties
Until we politically and socially emasculate it, we will continue to be shackled by a fantasy of individualism and a Hobbesian worldview that can no longer be ameliorated by an endless frontier or global economic dominance.
There almost seems to be a resigned, a tacit acceptance, to try just to give Sharon a chance and see whether he can actually emasculate the militants in his policy.
It is even rumoured that the G8 nations, when they gather at Gleneagles Hotel this summer, intend to cut the UN down to size, perhaps even to emasculate it completely.
McKibbin is right, however, to point out that massive Parliamentary majorities emasculate political parties and their ideologies.
Scalia's interpretation is implausible and would effectively emasculate the Amendment.
The British Government would like to emasculate the media and particularly the BBC for asking the pertinent questions and forming the inevitable conclusions.