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emancipate / эмансипировать, освобождать, освобождать от родительской опеки
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, emancipate
освобождать от родительской опеки
set free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions.
the citizen must be emancipated from the obsessive secrecy of government
If you relied on general American attitudes, you would have waited a long time to emancipate the slaves.
Why is it that so many of those whose political creed should be driven by a desire to emancipate those who are suffering choose to object to a course of action which would deliver millions from misery?
Even after the Civil War, when slaves were emancipated , comparatively few Gullah moved to northern cities.
By this time writing had been truly emancipated from the state.
Guiana 1838 takes the viewer back into the colonial time when slaves were emancipated and the colonial master was finding it difficult to get labour to work the endless fields of cane.
Perhaps air travel, despite Toynbee, after all emancipates the world centre from a geographical locus, enabling it to respond to other factors - population and economic and military power.
Even the states that permit teenagers to be emancipated from their parents, allowing them to be treated legally as adults, ordinarily mandate that the parents must agree.
Gregory Hines was an updater and emancipator of the ancient art of tap dancing.
We are somehow giving up on the most powerful emancipatory ideas ever created, of self-determination, liberation and democracy.
Knowing and understanding our limitation is very crucial and a significant part of emancipating ourselves from its control.