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emanate / исходить, излучать, происходить
proceed, emanate, issue, radiate
radiate, emit, emanate, beam, irradiate, ray
occur, happen, take place, be, come, emanate
(of something abstract but perceptible) issue or spread out from (a source).
warmth emanated from the fireplace
Experience the warmth that comes toward you, and you become aware that one can emanate this quality.
Gord Downie is one of the few songwriters whose lyrics still emanate the qualities of poetry and Downie's literary allusions are many.
Speed is not the attraction to this style of diving and trips emanate a laid-back feeling which is further enhanced by the crews - nothing gets done in a hurry, and it comes as a huge welcome that nothing needs to be.
Her touch at his arm seemed to emanate a warmth which spread from there and throughout his body.
Word soon spread of this sensational Sauvignon emanating from New Zealand that nobody could get hold of it.
This intimate seaside village was built in the 1800s to be a resort for wealthy San Diegans, yet it emanates a feeling of relaxed welcome to all who visit.
What is sought is not so much the perfection of the body but rather a somehow mystical, concentrated and emanative force which shapes the mind and body.
The concept of world-woman or world spirit emanates from a humble origin - the roots of African American culture that value community and interpersonal relations as measures of success.
From these and Harms's other works, there emanates a feeling of exuberance, self-deprecating humor and cheerful absurdity.
What if I said they all happened to have originally emanated from the Land Down Under?