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email / электронная почта, е-мейл
имя существительное
электронная почта
e-mail, electronic mail
имя существительное
messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network.
reading e-mail has become the first task of the morning
send an e-mail to (someone).
you can e-mail me at my normal address
If you have a keen interest in this subject please feel free to email me with your thoughts.
If you have a comment, or a suggestion on how I can improve please feel free to email me.
you can email me a copy at ...
call, fax, or email for a free demo
There are two strands of idealism that present an obstacle to fixing our broken internet email system, and this is one of them.
employees can email the results back
reading email has become the first task of the morning
Okay, if you have any ideas for my story feel free to email me or review them to me.
he received an email
Feel free to email me if you want more specifics about our attempts to find my father.