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emaciated / истощенный, испитой
имя прилагательное
depleted, exhausted, emaciated, knackered, impoverished, spent
emaciated, hollow-cheeked
имя прилагательное
abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or a lack of food.
she was so emaciated she could hardly stand
Some cattle became horrifically emaciated or developed raw wounds.
But social workers who examined the woman said that although weak and emaciated , she showed no signs of mental illness.
Looking at his weight to see if he's malnourished or emaciated in any way.
A young boy without a shirt, showing his emaciated body, propels himself across the compartment floor.
Susie, as she has been named, was found in an emaciated state in a garden in Turton Road, Tottington, next to the Pets in Need animal shelter.
He narrowly escaped execution during the Second World War and had not run in six years when he headed off to Boston, an emaciated stick of a man.
From her wasted and emaciated appearance, we may fairly infer, she also fell a martyr to this destructive and poisonous liquid.
He told his driver to stop outside a broken-down shack, where an emaciated woman and two young men sat on a porch surrounded by household debris.
This makes her a far healthier role model than the emaciated models currently making their bony way down the world's catwalks.
The man was dying, emaciated and had a high fever when the first injection of their scant supply of penicillin was given.