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elusive / неуловимый, ускользающий, уклончивый
имя прилагательное
elusive, subtle, intangible, evasive, imponderable, vague
evasive, elusive, noncommittal, tortuous, indirect, circumlocutional
имя прилагательное
difficult to find, catch, or achieve.
success will become ever more elusive
There is even a personal shopping service, providing further help in tracking down that elusive pair of shoes.
Bringing horses of that calibre to Scotland remains the elusive dream.
Naturally, that persistent little squirrel is still driving himself nuts in pursuit of an elusive acorn.
So this formula, this test, to see whether or not you're compatible has been elusive so far.
With off-road vehicles and guns, this is a boy's day out, and all in pursuit of that elusive plump little bird.
But persuading the elusive birds to quit their historic lodgings has proved to be quite a headache.
Women walk miles on the blazing sands in search of an elusive pot of water.
It's about the people who come to America in search of that elusive thing, the American dream.
Reedie had been praying for that first elusive gold to come from Simon Lessing in today's men's triathlon.
Pre-baiting an area that looks good is often the answer to catching one of these elusive carp.