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elsewhere / где-то в другом месте, куда-нибудь в другое место
где-то в другом месте
somewhere else, elsewhere
куда-нибудь в другое место
in, at, or to some other place or other places.
he is seeking employment elsewhere
some other place.
all Hawaiian plants originally came from elsewhere
So perhaps the thing to do is to look elsewhere and simply expand the squad.
As our pay falls, staff are voting with their feet and going to work elsewhere .
However Mr Buckley argued that birds could be injured elsewhere and end up in Basildon.
he is seeking employment elsewhere
Women do so at a quarter of the rate of men, but still higher than elsewhere in Canada.
I called but he was elsewhere
the money could be spent elsewhere
He said that builders could not afford to waste time queuing in traffic jams and began to go elsewhere .
We can do it knowing that elsewhere in the UK, the challenges look even more daunting.
the course is available elsewhere in Ireland