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elope / сбежать, сбежать с возлюбленным, скрываться
elope, run down, bolt, go off, whip out, split
сбежать с возлюбленным
hide, lurk, disappear, go into hiding, abscond, elope
run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.
later he eloped with one of the maids
However, at the end of the 1960s, elopements started to increase.
She eloped with a Greek, so we're going to Greece to meet the in-laws.
Written in 1909 from his father's Dublin house during the couple's first separation since their elopement , the content is remarkable given Joyce's known distaste for spoken obscenity.
Although Caroli never ‘escaped her mother's domination,’ she did succeed in leaving home when she eloped with a man she had ‘dated for two weeks.’
Indeed, before 1849, steamers crossing the channel often contained young Irish elopers who made the 21 mile journey in order to be married in Portpatrick's 17th century church.
Count Baldwin I of Flanders eloped with Judith, daughter of King Charles the Bald of the west Franks, who was by the age of 16 the widow of two kings of Wessex.
The Bertram sisters' elopements are the result of the flirtations that occur during rehearsals for amateur theatricals at Mansfield Park.
You just disappeared and Eileen told me that you had eloped with a man you'd been seeing on the sly.
Hogarth, his sometime pupil, eloped with his daughter in 1729.
She remembered the solitary week his clinic had lasted before he had eloped with the superintendent's wife.