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elm / вяз, ильм, карагач
имя существительное
elm, ulmus, elm-tree
elm, elm-tree
elm, elm-tree
имя существительное
a tall deciduous tree that typically has rough serrated leaves and propagates from root suckers.
The flora is dominated by Sequoia, cypresses, elms , oaks, willows, and cottonwoods.
The elegantly crafted table is constructed in English walnut with inlays of burr elm and satinwood stringing.
Each of the loft bedrooms is themed in its own timber, such as oak, ash, beech or elm , and decorated with complementary fabrics and furnishings.
It also shows that they knew that of the native timbers British elm was a superior timber to British yew for making bows (the best yew for bows came from Scandinavia, Spain and Austria).
Less dense woods like elm and even soft maple are abundant and make fine firewood as long as you're willing to make a few extra trips to the woodpile.
In those days many working men - and in particular those with carpentry skills - manufactured dartboards out of elm or poplar wood as a sideline.
As he went farther in and drew nearer to the heart of the forest, the tall oaks and elms closed in around him.
Oriental plane trees, cypresses and elms were planted in straight rows to provide structure and shade, while groves of fruit trees added colour and scent, with blossom in spring and summer and fruit at harvest time.
The Asian longhorned beetle that invaded New York in 1996 has since killed thousands of the state's hardwood trees, including maples, elms , willows, and poplars.
The sugar maples, elms , and oaks he has handed out over the last three decades now grow in lawns, fields and parks throughout northwestern Pennsylvania.
A large grassy meadow surrounded by elms and willow, just past the building, was partly filled with folding metal chairs and tables, and decorations hung from ropes tied to the tree limbs.