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elk / лось, сохатый
имя существительное
имя существительное
a member of a charitable fraternal organization, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.
She collected exactly $999.99 through a rapid succession of phone calls to fellow Elks members.
Much more demanding is big game hunting for brown bear, elk and deer.
Since the area was once home to buffalo, elk , deer, and antelope herds, grazing is another management tool.
Prion diseases occur in sheep, goats, mink, mule deer, elk , cats and cows.
After I swapped for it, I took six mule deer and an elk before moving up to more ‘modern’ guns.
In some parts of America, people like to hunt deer, elk and bears, while in other areas they hunt wild boars.
Researchers are not even sure yet how the disease spreads from deer to deer or elk to elk .
Deer, elk , and sometimes bobcat and coyote may be seen or heard from the cabin boundary.
All of the evidence suggests, therefore, that the drawing was probably intended to represent a deer or perhaps an elk .
Bears in Glacier National Park follow wolf packs and mountain lions to remote regions using them as providers of meals of deer and elk .
Not long ago my friend Steve Johns was talking with a Colorado hunting guide who had led Koenig on elk and mule deer hunts.