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elixir / эликсир, панацея, философский камень
имя существительное
panacea, elixir, heal-all, cure-all
философский камень
имя существительное
a magical or medicinal potion.
an elixir guaranteed to induce love
And so it should be, as it is the closest you can get to the original version of the elixir as created by those Carthusian monks in 1605, and it is almost 60 percent alcohol by volume.
Therefore it is said that the engendering of bodhicitta and the carrying of it through one's activities is like the magical elixir that turns to gold what ever metal it is painted on.
an elixir guaranteed to induce love
Shall I then shower you with wondrous remnants of scent from field and forest, and warm you ever so slowly, until you give up your magical elixir , as precious as life itself?
Armed with a spoon and a bottle of cough syrup, she dosed him with the medicine and elicited a round of choking and cussing from her patient who offered colorful and profane descriptions of the elixir 's flavor.
Acetaminophen with codeine elixir is administered for pain control after the initial 48 hours for mild discomfort and is prescribed for home use after discharge.
a natural herbal cough elixir
And, obviously, at this very late stage in the boom, interest rates are certainly not a magical elixir that will cure the patient of disease after years of binging on bubble excess.
he finds world train travel something of an elixir of life
an elixir guaranteed to induce love