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elision / элизия
имя существительное
имя существительное
the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking (as in I'm , let's , e ' en ).
Still others prefer a middle option that keeps the apostrophe for omission and elision but drops it for plurality and possession.
As Liz Frost explores, there is an elision between the consumer power of youth in the Western world, and its ideation as physical perfection.
The obscurity of the pleading which is, if I may so with respect to the drafter of it, exceedingly clever, because the pleading is in terms always of a duty of care to do something and it is there the elision of two very separate ideas.
This is such an obvious elision that one's instinct is to read the passage again and look for a misprint, or a set of scare quotes - but, no, it is written as intended.
unease at the elision of so many vital questions
The elision of two relatively stable and legitimate discourses of the idea of ‘capital’ and ‘emotional intelligence’ is a clever rhetorical move.
There is an elision here in the use of the term ‘resource’.
Like Mann, Wood develops the theme of the ‘imperialism of trade’, which is to say an elision of two apparently contradictory themes, direct domination, and free exchange.
unease at the elision of so many vital questions
Across Europe, among the sceptics and the doubters and the out-and-out protesters, a pernicious process of elision is taking place.
the shortening of words by elision