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eliminate / ликвидировать, устранять, исключать
eliminate, liquidate, wind up, dispose of, kill, close out
eliminate, remove, obviate, preclude, exclude, make away
exclude, rule out, eliminate, delete, expel, foreclose
completely remove or get rid of (something).
a policy that would eliminate inflation
This helps the body to eliminate toxins and waste products, and will also help counteract the common pregnancy complaints of constipation and nausea.
a policy that would eliminate inflation
this diet claims to eliminate toxins from the body
The Gestapo then used this as an excuse to eliminate all known opponents to the regime (and some of their families), whether implicated in the July plot or not.
On the other, it provided him with a band of assassins that could eliminate any PLO leader that met with his disapproval.
The only way to defeat terrorism as a threat to our way of life is to stop it, eliminate it and destroy it where it grows.
The ketone functional group can also take part in autocondensation reactions which eliminate water.
The goal of this operation was to eliminate a key political figure in the Algerian resistance and to disrupt its infrastructure.
To eliminate mold, remove the material where the fungus is growing such as drywall boards or carpet.
It's not my personal presence here that will bring the disease under control, but bearing down on the disease to eliminate it.