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elfin / волшебный, эльфийский, проказливый
имя прилагательное
magic, magical, fairy, faerie, elfin, elfish
impish, elfin, larky, puckish, elfish, elvish
имя существительное
elf, pixie, leprechaun, sprite, fairy, elfin
имя прилагательное
(with reference to a person) small and delicate, typically with an attractively mischievous or strange charm.
she looked up at him with an elfin grin
of or relating to elves.
an enchanted world of fairies in elfin glades
имя существительное
an elf.
And Yarthe was empty, but for the elfin, and the elfin quite naturally took it for theirs.
a small North American butterfly that is typically brownish with markings on the wing margins that give the impression of scalloped edges.
A combative elfin gets a mission to snaffle a magic book in the country of Moria.
She was beautiful in an unconventional way, triangular elfin face with big, expressive eyes and a lithe body.
I can understand the language since birth, and I know the elfin ways.
‘It has a nice vibe’ I say to her as we walk to the house, her smile broadening, her long brown hair framing her pale, elfin face.
The elfin courses went to great lengths to outdo their competitors.
Dark shading created sharp cheekbones of elfin faces, softer blending produced squashier, round ones.
Saddle Creek's that Omaha-centric label run by that elfin fellow with the bright eyes.
Her curling red hair stilled itself around her shoulders, framing her pale, elfin face.
After the signing, at the pub next door, I sat next to a dark, vaguely elfin gentleman named Colin Greenland who seemed to know a lot about the field and who, when I mentioned that I had written a handful of stories, asked to see them.
A small shudder ran through the elfin 's body, and she turned her face away from him.