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elf / эльф, карлик, проказник
имя существительное
elf, pixie, leprechaun, sprite, fairy, pixy
dwarf, midget, gnome, pygmy, manikin, elf
prankster, monkey, rogue, elf
имя существительное
a supernatural creature of folk tales, typically represented as a small, elusive figure in human form with pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature.
There is a group of elves or goblins or aliens or something who show up as I'm drifting off.
extremely low frequency.
An elf , one of the purest creatures on earth, would pass away all alone in the wood.
As an elf , she had a great love of nature so she felt it was her mission to keep these plants alive.
We cannot be together because a human and an elf are not meant to fall in love.
with his pointed chin, he might have been an elf out of story-land
Suddenly jumping into a sprint, he raced over to the elf just as the dragon opened its mouth.
Hope they don't skip over the part where the elf and dwarf bet over how many orcs they can kill.
The dragon was angry with the elf and swore he would make his life miserable if he could.
Pandora had never seen a girl elf or a young elf and wondered if they also had long white beads.
For all her elven blood, she still didn't know why the elves chose the leaders they did.
Feeling the elvish magic flicker slightly, he closed his eyes once more, controlling the sphere's trajectory as it slowly climbed in the air until it hovered just over the incredibly tall wall.