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eleventh / одиннадцатый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
одиннадцатая часть
одиннадцатое число
constituting number eleven in a sequence; 11th.
the eleventh century
Lincoln cathedral is one of the most perfect Gothic cathedrals in Europe, dating back officially to the eleventh century and like as not a fair way before that.
after the eleventh programme
By the time Democrats went to the polls in Tennessee and Virginia to give Kerry his eleventh and twelfth wins of fourteen contests so far, they were voting for a man polls showed to be leading Bush.
This one comes our way on the eleventh of October.
The eleventh will probably be Welshman Phillip Price, leaving Torrance having to decide between Jose Maria Olazabal and Jesper Parnevik for the twelfth, and remaining, place.
That said, the Federal Reserve has just cut US interest rates for the eleventh time this year.
It wasn't as if Martinez was unaccustomed to physical labor: She grew up in Fresno, the eleventh of twenty-two children of farmworker parents.
he was the eleventh to qualify
As a non-finisher in the event that determines grid placings, Griffiths should have left last for Finke, but was offered a start among the six bikes leaving the grid in the eleventh to sixteenth placings.
his eleventh match this year