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elevenses / легкий завтрак около 11 часов утра
имя существительное
a short break for light refreshments, usually with tea or coffee, taken about eleven o'clock in the morning.
At eleven, a short woman carrying elevenses to the children interrupted classes, a meal consisting of a glass of milk and a shortbread biscuit.
But now not many people have elevenses , or a formal pause at any other time in the working day, skipping lunch and grabbing a snack when they can.
The journey in was a breeze, all the crates that left the old offices turned up safely at the new one, there were free Danish pastries for elevenses and the air conditioning system functioned adequately enough.
He always has an elevenses of seed cake and Madeira, and his favourite restaurant is Sweetings in the City.
I thought I could see the dents on her forearms where she rested them on a table while addressing lunch dinner and elevenses .
Cut down on all those extras: for elevenses - no biscuits or chocolate bars; fruit if you're hungry.
Nevertheless, at elevenses , I did hear someone request a large gin instead of a coffee - then I realised it was me.
While we still enjoy a Kit Kat for elevenses , more of us are opting for something more sophisticated after hours.
I am a simple man with simple tastes - toast is adequate for elevenses .
Her mother had been down at the shops and snapped up half a dozen buns for elevenses .
While the children contentedly play with a wooden railway, I look at my tight schedule and notice that I am supposed to eat a slice of Victoria sponge cake for elevenses .