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elevator / лифт, элеватор, подъемник
имя существительное
elevator, lift, hoist
elevator, grain elevator, ammunition hoist, paternoster, noria
lift, elevator, hoist, ram, jack
имя существительное
a platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different floors or levels.
in the elevator she pressed the button for the lobby
a hinged flap on the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft, typically one of a pair, used to control the motion of the aircraft about its lateral axis.
The flight data recorder indicated that the flight crew performed a control check of the elevators .
a muscle whose contraction raises a part of the body.
elevators of the upper lip
a shoe with a raised insole designed to make the wearer appear taller.
One way to elevate your stature is by wearing height-increasing footwear or apparatuses such as lifts, thicker insoles, elevator shoes , and shoes with thicker soles.
I followed Brandon to an elevator and he pressed the button for the 10th floor.
The airplane is designed so that the crew can counter a fully deflected stabilizer by using the elevator .
The elevator was used to store grain which came to Montréal by rail and departed by sea.
The posture of the jaw at rest depends on the length of the jaw elevator muscles, and the factors determining this are similar to those controlling posture in the body generally.
This is a good thing because as the wing root area stalls, it generates turbulent air that flows over the elevator and around the fuselage.
The elevator and rudders were each fitted with a trim tab actuated by a revolving drum on an acme-threaded push-pull rod.
This has raised productivity at the port and especially the grain elevator which had experienced a slump in the last two financial years.
The horizontal tail was a single-unit stabilator rather than a conventional stabilizer plus a movable elevator .
All control linkage, including that for the elevator and rudder trims, was internal.
The ailerons are a much simpler control than the elevator .