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elevate / возвысить, поднимать, повышать
raise, elevate
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, elevate
raise, enhance, boost, up, promote, elevate
имя прилагательное
exalted, sublime, elevated, lofty, high, elevate
raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.
the exercise will naturally elevate your chest and head
Pull your knees toward your chest and elevate your hips off the floor to feel the lower back stretch.
Smyers designed five ponds, averaging two acres in area each, to improve the drainage and to provide the soil used to lift the fairways and elevate the tees and greens.
exotic toppings elevate a pizza from fast food to fine food
Diabetics also must be carefully monitored as ephedra can elevate blood glucose levels.
A common practice in ORs is to raise or elevate the surgical bed to accommodate the surgeon's height and focal distance after the drapes have been applied.
No man, or woman either knows but that some accident may elevate them to the position of the hero of the hour.
It is well documented that regular exercise helps to elevate your metabolic rate.
Omega - 3 essential fats elevate serotonin levels naturally and help improve mood and lift depression.
I've done my best to elevate people to positions of authority and responsibility.
After a while I found I was able to lift my arms, elevate them slightly - both my arms, but it was very slow.