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elegiac / элегический, грустный, мечтательно-грустный
имя прилагательное
elegiac, elegiacal
sad, melancholy, lamentable, dolorous, dreary, elegiac
elegiac, elegiacal
имя прилагательное
(especially of a work of art) having a mournful quality.
the movie score is a somber effort, elegiac in its approach
имя существительное
verses in an elegiac meter.
Translated, these Latin elegiacs mean: Breasts, O mother, milk and life thou didst give.
Hexameters are the epic meter; by stealing a foot in the second line, Cupid has turned it into elegiac meter, used for love poetry.
He used to recite dirge songs and had established a unique status for his touching elegiac tone.
As the book closes, it becomes transformed into a moving, elegiac memoir for the writer's parents.
Rhapsodic, ironic, elegiac and disillusioned, the urban sketch, for all its sparkle, tended toward melancholy.
And now here is a book which is mostly poetry, or at least a kind of elegiac wistfulness.
Its tone is consummately elegiac and mournful.
Berger has found the perfect form for his elegiac , still-hopeful revelation of the worth of us all, so easily stolen by time.
The wistful elegiac moods of the Sonnets, were conveyed with just the right balance of outward expression and gesture, and delicate tonal control.
But as the mournful, elegiac music began to gently move through the air, and voices, distinct and intense, began to tell their tale, in their own words, something incredible happened.
This is primarily a period piece and, as you might expect from the elegiac nature of the film, the pace is appropriately funereal.