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electrolyte / электролит
имя существительное
имя существительное
a liquid or gel that contains ions and can be decomposed by electrolysis, e.g., that present in a battery.
Primary alkaline batteries use sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte .
When two different metals are immersed in an electrolyte and connected through a metallic path, current will flow.
Infusion of glucose, amino acid, and electrolyte solutions did not differ between the two groups.
He made stacks of zinc and silver disks and blotting paper soaked with salt water, which acted as an electrolyte .
The electrodes are zinc and carbon, with an acidic paste between them that serves as the electrolyte .
Both embodiments produce hybrid gel electrolyte systems in which gel and liquid electrolyte co-exist.
The polymer acts as an electrical connection between the electrolyte solution and the surface of the carbon fiber.
Electrorefining works by running a current through an electrolyte solution via an electrolytic cell.
Most fuel cells use a polymer electrolyte membrane to separate the cathode and anode.
The fuel cell also needs moisture in the electrolyte as well as water at the anode to control the supply of methanol.
This decomposition of an electrolyte caused by passing an electric current through it is called electrolysis.