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electrocute / казнить на электрическом стуле, убивать электрическим током
казнить на электрическом стуле
убивать электрическим током
injure or kill someone by electric shock.
a man was electrocuted when he switched on the Christmas tree lights
It is recorded that following the dinner, with son and father participating, a bolt of lightning struck the wooden pavilion to electrocute the father.
The first time they tried to electrocute him, the electric chair short circuited from all the metal objects in his body.
According to a technical report that addresses the question every boater reading this will have, the current is not strong enough to electrocute a person who comes in contact with the water.
She saw the lightning hit him and electrocute him.
No execution is humane, whether you electrocute someone or give them a lethal injection you are still taking away the first right of every human being - the right to life.
Haphazardly installed electrical wiring is common in many small private schools and can create fires or electrocute an unwary child or teacher.
They used to beat us up, electrocute us, they did a lot of things for us in active abuse.
There are wires that can be tripped over, microphones that can electrocute you, flying bottles that can strike you.
On April 22, 1983, it took fourteen minutes for the State of Alabama to electrocute one man.
The principal electrical inspector at Health and Safety Executive, who investigated the incident said: ‘A fraction of an amp is all that is needed to electrocute you.’