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electoral / избирательный, выборный, перевыборный
имя прилагательное
selective, electoral, elective, discriminatory, electorial, constituent
elective, electoral, electorial
electoral, electorial
имя прилагательное
of or relating to elections or electors.
electoral reform
Here is strong evidence of the need to reform the electoral system so every vote counts.
If that state was Nevada, with five electoral votes, the election would be tied.
The same is true of electoral candidates who are unable to canvas voters and even reveal their names.
Yeah, it has more electoral votes than every state except New York and California.
He said he would try to make the government stick to its commitment on electoral reform for the Commons.
He believes the world body would function much better with a dose of electoral reform.
It fits my feelings on the citizen's responsibility to vote in the electoral process.
The number of electoral votes each state gets depends on the size of its population.
electoral reform
Others who tried to use that as a means to gain electoral votes failed miserably.