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elective / факультативный, выборный, избирательный
имя прилагательное
optional, facultative, elective, permissive
elective, electoral, electorial
selective, electoral, elective, discriminatory, electorial, constituent
имя существительное
факультативная дисциплина
имя прилагательное
related to or working by means of election.
an elective democracy
(of a course of study) chosen by the student rather than compulsory.
The students enrolled in this elective course range from advanced placement to general studies.
имя существительное
an optional course of study.
up to half the credits in many public high schools are electives
About 3,500 elective procedures take place in hospitals every week and many cannot proceed without the availability of a blood transfusion.
After Michael's death in a ski accident at year's end, Joe decided to exit elective office altogether.
In the 1990s, Lesotho began a new period of elective government.
Swett battled for the full reform program: to make everything, even the mayoralty, an appointive rather than an elective office.
Collins, who had never held elective office, proved to be a better campaigner in 1996 than she had been in 1994.
Could a randomised trial answer the controversy relating to elective caesarean section?
And if psychology is taught in high school, it is offered typically as an elective course.
Buchanan, however, reworked the entire argument in a classical idiom to define an elective form of monarchy and make it axiomatic that kings were accountable to those who elected them.
Pharmacy ranked last in permitting overseas research for its faculty members and allowing degree-candidate students to take elective study abroad courses.
She expressed disappointment when told that with advance notice our nursing program could have designed learning activities to provide her with an elective course credit for her summer work.