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electioneer / предвыборная кампания
имя существительное
предвыборная кампания
electioneering, electioneer
проводить предвыборную кампанию
агитировать за кандидата
electioneer, tout
(of a politician or political campaigner) take part actively and energetically in the activities of an election campaign.
the election will not be lost or won as the result of a few weeks of electioneering
имя существительное
a campaigning politician during an election.
Party electioneers know that an election held any later than the British government's selfimposed deadline of November 13 is a non-starter.
As we left his suite to allow him to prepare for his next meeting, Blatter engaged in the firm, sincere handshake of the seasoned electioneer .
Along the harbor in Beaufort, North Carolina, this electioneer also paddled ‘a small row boat from vessel to vessel’ to collect the votes, though it was ‘very rough and difficult - if not dangerous - to get about as I have to do.’
he was now a national figure and a rumbustious electioneer
An affluent attorney as well as small planter, Moore campaigned as ‘a skillful electioneer [who] courted the lower stratum of society.’
‘Can anyone tell me,’ asks Gourley, a veteran mock electioneer , ‘why you don't want the polling place in the cafeteria?’
But council officials have told him to remove them after receiving a complaint about using stalls for electioneering .
That's called electioneering , and you can't do it within 50 yards of a voting booth.
This allows electioneers to bypass the media and appeal directly to voters without journalists putting their spin on the issues.
Neither side should be using school computers or any other equipment or facilities for electioneering .
However, US trade officials denied the timing of the complaint had been influenced by electioneering .