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election / выборы, избрание, перевыборы
имя существительное
elections, election, voting
election, return
имя существительное
a formal and organized process of electing or being elected, especially of members of a political body.
the 1860 presidential election
Eligibility to stand for election to the Council is determined by the Council of Guardians.
His memoir won the prize which in turn was the main reason for his election to the Academy.
a local election
In fact, more to the point, why stand for election to something you only want to destroy?
Among the honours which Mansion received was election to the Royal Academy of Belgium.
after his election to the Dáil
Congratulations to Peterhead and Elgin City on their election to the Scottish League.
the first of his family to run for election
All clergy who hoped for election to a benefice in the new constitutional Church had to take it.
Among his many foreign honours was election to the Académie des Sciences of Paris.