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elderberry / ягода бузины
имя существительное
ягода бузины
имя существительное
the bluish-black or red berry of the elder, used especially for making jelly or wine.
There were also dried berries, possibly elderberries and blueberries, and a type of root.
Prominent shrubs are swamp dogwood and elderberry .
Each bed is edged with overlapping hoops formed from small cuttings of apple, elderberry and pear trees.
There are no confirmed drug interactions with elderberry extract.
I'm not a home brewer or wine-maker but as I gaze upon my elderberry tree, laden with blossoms and fruit, I am inspired to give it a go.
Red willow, arroyo willow, elderberry , and McDonald oak are present in the tree and shrub layers.
With the ponds there were lots of elderberry bushes and wild rose trees.
Sugar was being added and elderberry juice being used to give colour to poor, overstretched wines.
Sambuca, which taste of licorice like Pernod, is actually flavored with flowers of the elderberry bush.
As a dietary supplement, " high anthocyanin " elderberry extracts are finding their way onto health-food stores shelves.
The most familiar use of the elder tree is probably that of the berries being cooked to make elderberry wine and various jams and jellies.