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elder / старшие, старейшина, старец
имя существительное
elder, patriarch, elder statesman, ancient, presbyter
elder, ancient
имя прилагательное
senior, elder, older, head, major, superior
old, eldest, ancient, aged, elder, auld
experienced, experimental, skilled, proficient, expert, elder
имя прилагательное
(of one or more out of a group of related or otherwise associated people) of a greater age.
my elder daughter
имя существительное
a person of greater age than someone specified.
schoolchildren were no less fascinated than their elders
a small tree or shrub with pithy stems, typically having white flowers and bluish-black or red berries.
A factory farm stood silent and abandoned, hedges of elders dripped berries and were decorated with white trumpets of bindweed.
The expanding senior population seems to be accompanied by a rise in elder abuse.
An analogy would be that, in English folklore, the elder plant has been used in countless different ways medicinally and for food.
The most familiar use of the elder tree is probably that of the berries being cooked to make elderberry wine and various jams and jellies.
She is to be looked after as a mother and respected as an elder sister.
That rule certainly applies when one's elder sibling is heir to the longest family dynasty in the world.
He was one of the first icons my parents and elder siblings gifted me.
Younger sister Meimei handles the coffee, while all dishes are prepared in advance by elder sister Wenwen, a born chef, to provide diners with quick and sumptuous meals.
By the time we're eating platefuls of asparagus, the second sign of full-on spring has arrived - elderflower blossoms bursting out all over the elder tree.
Places vulnerable to casual damage or vandalism will need plants which, if broken, will grow again, such as willow, alder, shrub roses and elder .
She agrees to apologize, and the elder Morgans promise to assist with Arnette's upcoming college expenses.