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elbow / локоть, колено, угольник
имя существительное
elbow, cubit
knee, elbow, bend, leg, limb, genu
angle, elbow, setsquare, leg, center, knee
толкать локтем
push, push through, shoulder, elbow, buffet, squash
толкать локтями
имя существительное
the joint between the forearm and the upper arm.
she propped herself up on one elbow
strike (someone) with one's elbow.
one player had elbowed another in the face
treat (a person or idea) dismissively.
his new TV talk show was elbowed aside in the ratings war
I rolled the sleeves up to the elbow and ran my hand through my hair.
she propped herself up on one elbow
she propped herself up on one elbow
I wore a cotton swimming costume reaching to my knees and with sleeves to the elbow .
He pulled up his right sleeve to the elbow and injected the drug into a visible vein.
He supplied the elbow in two pieces for easy field installation.
Critical zones on a gown are the cuff to the elbow , sleeve seams, and the front of the gown.
The sleeves ended between her elbow and her shoulder, and the overall effect was stunning.
The bell rang and Mr. Walker stood up and rolled up his sleeves to the elbow .
With the knife held like a pen between his fingers, Matt slid his sleeve up to his elbow .