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elasticated / эластичный
имя прилагательное
(of a garment or material) made elastic by the insertion of rubber thread or tape.
ski pants with elasticated waist
One of them reached out and tried to grab a shopping bag containing a purse from her basket but was prevented by an elasticated strap with hooks, which was designed to hold it down.
My wife, who thinks about these things, ensured my daughter was wearing her elasticated shorts, so she could mange her bathroom visits unaided.
I rush inside and tear off an elasticated corner from the sheet Sam burned, then grab a small tapestry-covered square cushion from the settee.
With two zipped pockets for your goodies and a low cut collar to stop suffocation of the body, this breathable body warmer flatters the body with a slim fit and elasticated drawcord back hem.
A useful tip for making up squid and mackerel sandwich baits is to take a spool of elasticated cotton with you and use it to tie the head of the squid to the line above the eye of the hook before inserting the hook.
Several trials demonstrate that acupuncture can help, and some hospitals give patients Sea Bands, elasticated wrist bands originally aimed at preventing sea sickness.
Adults and children alike braved rides at the funfair, which included a 75 foot high bungee capsule, propelling riders skywards on elasticated cables.
If you do walk away trailing elasticated gum, it's worse, and a tough cleaning job.
If it was a half-slip, you probably rolled it up a few times at the elasticated waist and made a mental note to check it again in about an hour.
The elasticated waist - complemented by a humble little belt - adds an element of chic to the suit.