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elan / порыв, стремительность, пыл
имя существительное
impulse, gust, fit, burst, puff, elan
impetuosity, precipitancy, violence, precipitation, rashness, elan
ardor, fervor, heat, passion, mettle, elan
имя существительное
energy, style, and enthusiasm.
a rousing march, played with great elan
The concept of a restaurant which supports the homeless with flair and elan is an excellent one and I admire the company's ambitions.
In far off India, Gandhi's barefoot army took on the armed might of the British Empire with as much elan as Ethiopian armed forces defeated the Italians at Adowa in 1896.
Mr. Marcose has a robust voice, which he modulates with uncommon ease and elan .
Though he speaks with a slight New York accent, he has cultivated a certain European elan , favoring well-tailored suits and shirts with French cuffs.
Our loss of improvisational elan can be dated to 1989.
The owners carried them around with such care and elan that visitors looked at the dogs with envy.
Whether it be the ‘banjara’ dance or a vigorous Bhangra, the kids aged between three and four years performed with certain elan .
To see the skills, elan and passion of that multi-ethnic product in action on Wednesday night was uplifting and enlightening in equal measure.
The Scots, however, had lost the dash and elan of the first half, and it took a sublime one-two from Taylor and Paterson to strike the killer blow.
a rousing march, played with great elan