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ejector / эжектор, выталкиватель, выбрасыватель
имя существительное
ejector, kicker, pusher
ejector, eliminator
ejector, extractor, pusher
имя существительное
a device that causes something to be removed or to drop out.
a built-in drill ejector
It will have an extractor to pull the fired shell out of the chamber, and an ejector to kick it out of the gun.
The extractor is large and sturdy, and the bolt features a plunger ejector .
An adjustable mold stop comes with an automatic ejector , and an adjustable mold clamp accommodates different mold thicknesses.
The slot on the bolt face for the ejector is below the left locking lug.
a built-in drill ejector
The ejector is a fixed mechanical type unlike the small, spring-loaded extractors of other design.
Here is a close-up of the three lugged bolt, slotted for a mechanical ejector and the beefy claw extractor.
When baled there is a chain ejector to allow for simple, trouble-free ejection from the chamber.
The adapter accepts and positions a regular 1911 magazine for feeding and incorporates a little pin on the left side that serves as the new ejector .
Mechanically, removable tubes function just like original barrels, even their ejectors or extractors work off the gun's primary ones.