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ejection / выброс, выбрасывание, изгнание
имя существительное
ejection, ejaculation
exile, banishment, expulsion, ejection, expelling, eviction
ejection, effusion, rejection, eructation
имя существительное
the action of forcing or throwing something out; emission.
an explosive ejection of ash
the action of forcing someone to leave a place or position; expulsion.
the forcible ejection of a table of rowdy drunks
One host egg was missing following an ejection of an artificial cowbird egg.
Core ejection from the lower electron to the right is not shown.
The ejection seat was nothing like the guys have today.
Prior to the study, the two groups had comparable ejection fraction rates.
the forcible ejection of a table of rowdy drunks
That was comforting - an ejection over land in January was far more appealing than an ejection over a rough ocean.
I noticed it was also consistent in ejection , piling spent brass in neat little clumps within a couple of feet of one another.
the forcible ejection of a table of rowdy drunks
Emesis is the forceful ejection of the stomach contents through the mouth.
Any flagrant foul called will result in an immediate ejection .