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eject / выбрасывать, изгонять, выпускать
throw out, emit, discard, eject, toss out, throwaway
drive out, expel, banish, eject, evict, exile
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, eject
force or throw (something) out, typically in a violent or sudden way.
many types of rock are ejected from volcanoes as solid, fragmentary material
Population density was also growing and both pilots were increasingly concerned about where to eject from the aircraft to minimize any injury or damage on the ground.
plants utilize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that animals eject
And there are reports that indicate that the Chinese pilot was able to eject , but we have seen no trace of him so far.
For example, many popular actions use spring-loaded plunger ejectors in the bolt face to eject spent cases.
Should one be surprised by the latest police probe against some of it's own officers for failing to eject an MP from the House last Friday?
I simply become easily disoriented and off-balance and violently eject myself from bed onto the floor.
But, when the clips are not used, the ejector will not extract and eject the spent casings, so clips are almost mandatory in this or any revolver that uses rimless cartridges.
There is a disk in the CD drive, and it will not let me eject it.
In such an explosion, the core of a massive star implodes, sending out shock waves that eject the star's outer layers.
Somehow the pilot managed to wrestle the aircraft level and eject , rocketing away on a plume of fire.