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eiderdown / гагачий пух, пуховое стеганое одеяло
имя существительное
гагачий пух
eiderdown, eider
пуховое стеганое одеяло
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
small, soft feathers from the breast of the female eider duck.
I felt the crisp Arctic air and ran my hand through Musk-ox hair that was as soft as eider down .
Precious pastry cooks declared it needed to rest on an eiderdown before it went in the oven, after which baking took place in an atmosphere of maternity.
The Queen had her doubts about the girl being a princess, and is determined to find out the truth by placing a pea under the mattress and eiderdown of the princess's bed.
That night, they fell asleep in Victoria's living room, lounged against each other and wrapped in an eiderdown quilt.
The searchers had ripped apart the mattress, the eiderdown , and the pillows.
A couple of fancy shirts, several pair of dress trousers, and other garments were neatly spread out on the eiderdown coverlet.
The father of the house where Teddy is staying at the outbreak of war throws a white eiderdown out of a window in a rage.
I pulled the eiderdown over my head and hugged myself, but my own arms gave me no comfort.
We would set out to warm her up by driving two miles in second gear with an old eiderdown over her bonnet.
‘Just leave it on the desk, thank you,’ I mumbled into the eiderdown .
It was always such a relief to get back to Auntie Lizzie's so we could use her eiderdown quilts to slide down the stairs (sit on the top step, at the end of the quilt, fold it over your feet, hold both corners and launch yourself over the edge).