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egress / выход, право выхода, выход на поверхность
имя существительное
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, egress
право выхода
выход на поверхность
egress, abruption, rise
come out, exit, go out, get out, egress, issue
имя существительное
the action of going out of or leaving a place.
direct means of access and egress for passengers
go out of or leave (a place).
they'd egress the area by heading southwest
He petitioned the judge, he said I want the same ingress and egress , the same access to the courtroom, special treatment that the van Dams have.
A system of tokens will facilitate free facilities and there will be pedestrian access and egress at all times as at present.
There are cobbled access roads to allow resident access and egress .
a narrow egress
He signaled the pilot to perform emergency shutdown procedures and to egress the cockpit.
Access and egress for rear passengers is considerably easier because of the five-door layout - the car can easily carry four adults (or two adults and three children) and a boot full of luggage.
they'd egress the area by heading south-west
This would not enable the visitor to be reasonably safe, because he has no option but to use the bridge for access and egress .
During this same time the crew chief scrambled to put the ladder in place so the pilot could expeditiously egress the aircraft.
Their placements are carefully coordinated with the spacing required for emergency egress and building anchorage points.