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egregious / вопиющий, отъявленный, выдающийся
имя прилагательное
crying, flagrant, blatant, egregious, glaring, outrageous
notorious, egregious, arrant, desperate, rank, downright
outstanding, prominent, eminent, distinguished, remarkable, egregious
имя прилагательное
outstandingly bad; shocking.
egregious abuses of copyright
remarkably good.
I am not so egregious a mathematician as you are.
But I find it hard to deny that egregious self-importance in individuals is one of the defining characteristics of our society.
Why do you think the specialized business press continues to make what you consider such an egregious and howling error?
When he wanted to draw some one splendid and egregious , it was Clive he took for a model.
That's the kind of service recovery you'd expect from a decent company, especially after being publicly outed for egregious customer abuse.
That is an egregious violation of the responsibility a scholar has.
Obviously, when journalists betray their code of ethics by making up stories, or egregious misconduct, they must be punished.
If you do something outrageous or egregious enough, you can become rich and famous.
Music companies are more egregious in their abuse of consumers than the movie companies.
Keep in mind that I found these egregious examples of bias in a single issue of a single newspaper, randomly chosen.
Opposition to the extremist activities of the university unions grew stronger as their abuses became more egregious .