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egomania / самовлюбленность
имя существительное
narcissism, egotism, egomania
имя существительное
obsessive egotism or self-centeredness.
Ultimately what it amounts to is an aversion to pretentiousness and egomania .
But surprise soon gave way to a mild attack of egomania .
He combined athleticism, judgement and skill in an irresistible mix - and he was a great sportsman, totally devoid of egomania .
His motivation can certainly not be solely attributed to financial reward and egomania .
He may be insecure, but his insecurity expresses itself not in egomania or depression, but in a garrulous, love-me-do amiability.
Seen from this angle, the giant personalities which many of them cultivated were not instances of egomania but their individual responses to the huge expectations which junior staff and patients placed upon them.
It is not so much that Neil's blend of chippiness and egomania has abated, but that it has simply found its perfect outlet.
Sure, he drips egomania , but he is also struggling with a total lack of identity.
Politicians have a limited emotional range - normally just rampant egomania or self pity.
His egomania , he wrote, was the other side of deficient self-esteem.
A reputation of jealousy, rage and egomania had made him the man he was today, and that was something he had come to regret.