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egoism / эгоизм
имя существительное
egoism, selfishness, selfhood, individualism, self-interest, self-love
It is also time to take stock of inner weaknesses such as egoism .
The man shows a shocking amount of egoism - not that it's shocking that he's egotistical, it's just surprising that he lets it show so blatantly.
That is why, little children, be open to God's love and leave egoism and sin.
Simple stubbornness and egoism can't explain everything - Ralph is too smart and too worldwise for that, even if his followers aren't.
Ben countered that in its teaching that the individual must overcome egoism and the yearnings of self, Kabbalah shows how to put a clamp on one's thoughts.
His arrogance, egoism and desperate need for womanising, are as well known as his genius.
Industrial society brought new problems: soulless individualism, economic egoism , utilitarianism, materialism and the cash nexus.
Psychological egoism claims that each person has but one ultimate aim: her own welfare.
For others, he symbolises all that is rotten within Sri Lankan cricket politics: a man driven by egoism and self-interest.
Step by step, as I was awakened to examine my egoism and tried to come out of the selfish cave, so I could gradually appreciate the beauty of interdependence and interrelationship for the sake of proclaiming higher values.