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egocentric / эгоцентрический, эгоцентричный
имя прилагательное
egocentric, self-centered, self-centred, self-absorbed
имя прилагательное
thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centered.
their egocentric tendency to think of themselves as invulnerable
имя существительное
an egocentric person.
The other are a bunch of stadium-hogging egocentrics whose lead singer has almost bankrupt the band on two separate occasions due to ill-advised property investments.
Aristocratic characters were generally portrayed as egocentric individuals with loose morals and a tendency to treat women either as sex objects or as a means of exchange.
In contrast, the most destructive thing in our lives, the perpetual experience of great suffering, is brought about by our own egocentric clinging to selfish and insatiable pursuits.
For instance, drug-using mothers have been characterized as egocentric with a narcissistic orientation toward their children.
As it is, Martin is a dreadful bore - arrogant, self-important and so egocentric it's a wonder he had time to obsess about anyone other than himself.
In comparison, I think he felt these poems were too egocentric .
She can tell that he is still the shallow, egocentric man she once worked for.
You're being a little egocentric , don't you think?
He paints the characters as shallow, egocentric individuals who exist primarily to have a good time.
He had always seemed blasé and perhaps a bit egocentric .
Avoid egocentric tendencies to demand too much personal attention.